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Termites and Your Health

Posted: June 29, 2011
By: Dr Chaz Ebert

Hi all!  So you’re probably wondering what termites have to do with your health?

Have you ever had termites?  Termites are not like cockroaches. When cockroaches come into your house you know they are there. You turn on the light and you see them scamper into the corner. You then kill one and 200 others come to the funeral. Termites are not like that. The termites get into the beams under the house where they chew, eat and live. They are tiny little guys. They cannot eat a great deal, but they raise families and live there. There are hundreds of them, and then they invite their friends and neighbors over until there are thousands of them. Then there are wild parties, and you know what happens at wild parties, some of them get pregnant. Now there are hundreds of thousands of termites.

All of your beams become riddled with termites and someone mentions to you about bringing in an exterminator. You say, “What for? Exterminators are expensive. Besides, my house is immaculate. It is clean and beautiful.” Year after year you do nothing and then one day you are walking across the kitchen floor and the whole house collapses. “Ooh, I better get an exterminator in here.” It is too late to get an exterminator. The house is now destroyed.

Vertebral subluxation is like those termites. It eats away at the foundation of life, most of the time without any symptoms; and then one day, all of a sudden, the structure collapses. When you get home, and I do not care where you live, look in your local newspaper. In the obituary section, if not today, then tomorrow, you are going to find somebody who never had a sick day in their life who all of a sudden dropped dead of a heart attack at age 47. Next to his name will be a person who had an aneurysm, then one who had a stroke.

Most people who wake up in the hospital with terminal cancer felt great a month, week and even sometimes the day before. Vertebral subluxations eat away at the foundation of life, most of the time without any presenting symptoms. Do not wait until disaster strikes before you get subluxations corrected.

The purpose of chiropractic is to keep you subluxation free. Remember, vertebral subluxation not only interferes with your health potential, but every other potential in your life. If you are walking around with subluxations, you cannot do anything as well. You cannot sleep as well, you cannot be as well nourished, they interfere with your income capacity, your moods, your sex life, your study habits, your memory, how well you drive a car, how well you play golf, how well you lift weights. You cannot do anything at your best if there is subluxation present!  (R.G.)

Why would you want to go even a week without your body performing its best?

Love and Health,

Dr. Chaz

Full Potential Chiropractic


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