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Health Myth #4 Symptoms Are a Bad Thing!

Posted: June 1, 2011
By: Dr Chaz Ebert

It’s the middle of the night and all of a sudden the fire alarm in your home starts ringing and you smell smoke.  You immediately call the fire department.  Minutes later they storm into your house with axes and water hoses and starting spraying water at the fire alarm and finally knock the batteries out of the fire alarm.  The ringing stops as the firemen leave your home saying, “Whoah, that was a close one, have a great night folks.”

How long would you remain in that home?  Try 0 seconds!  You would get the heck out of there ASAP!  Why?  Because the firemen never addressed the CAUSE aka THE FIRE!  They treated/masked the “symptom” by getting the ringing to stop.  Now, just because the ringing stopped, does that mean the fire is out?  NO!

This happens 100,000′s of time per day with people’s’ health! 

Perfect example:

A person is experiencing sharp, stabbing back pain every time they rotate their body to the right.  Remember, your body is amazingly smart!  This is its way of telling you, “Don’t turn that way you idiot, or your going to cause a lot more damage!”  But what do we do…we go to the doctor or the drug store for pills, lotions, muscle relaxers, medications, injections.  Guess what?  THEY WORK!!!  No doubt about it, you feel better and have absolutely no pain or symptoms now when rotating to the right.  As a matter of fact, you can turn even further to the right then before!  Awesome!  WRONG!!!  You pretty much duct-taped the mouth of your best friend (your own body) who was trying to tell you, “Don’t turn this way you moron!  Let your body heal!”  Nope, we won’t have it!  So now you can turn all you want without any pain.  Do you see the problem with this?  You’re causing MORE damage than ever, and you don’t even know it because you can’t feel it.  You just removed the batteries from the fire alarm, but didn’t put out the fire! 

This is just one example.  It can be applied to 100′s of different situations. 

In conclusion, symptoms are not a bad thing!  They are your body’s warning signal telling you something is wrong!  Don’t cover them up, listen to them!  Ask yourself, “WHY?”  Then work to correct the cause of the problem!

Love and Health,

Dr. Chaz


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