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Carbohydrates The Truth!

Posted: March 8, 2011
By: Dr Chaz Ebert

Carbohydrates: The Truth!

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about “carbs” recently.  It seems that everywhere you turn, there is a low-carb diet here and a low-carb diet there.  I want you to know the truth about carbs.

The simple fact is, there are 2 types of carbs: simple (AKA refined) and complex.  They are NOT created equal!

Simple carbohydrates are about as nutritionally beneficial as cardboard.  They are mostly made up of sugar causing “sugar highs” and then “crashes.”  I’m sure you have experienced these feelings before.  Simple carbohydrates include: white flour, white pasta, white rice, and white sugar.  Don’t be fooled by labels stating “enriched” or “fortified.”  The nutritional integrity of these foods has been compromised.  Unfortunately, most cereals, pastas, bagels, bread, cookies, muffins, cakes, and pastries have been modified in this manner.  Your bodies just can’t absorb these products the way it should, leading to stored fat and decreased cardiovascular health.

The good news is…Mother Nature has supplied us with a plethora of complex carbohydrates.  They can mainly be found in vegetables and fruits that also supply the body with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  These complex carbohydrates release gradually, providing a steady source of energy.  They also make us feel full and satisfied and are easily broken down to release their energy. 

Oh yeah…do you think it is a coincidence that our bodies are about 70% water, and fruits and vegetables are about 70% water?  I think not!  This is what we were intended to eat!  Fruits and vegetables hydrate the body and aids in cleansing, detoxifying, and eliminating!  It’s a WIN-WIN……WIN!

In conclusion, try your best to substitute vegetables and fruit in place of breads and pastas.  Your body will thank you!  Remember, nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels!  Or something like that! ;)

Love and Health,

Dr. Chaz

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