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Health Myth #5 Prevention = Early Detection

Posted: June 6, 2011
By: Dr Chaz Ebert

Hey gang, we’re talking about Health Myth #5: Prevention = Early Detection.

Unfortunately in our country, we have a distorted view of prevention.  Think about it, we have the “wellness” check ups for just about everything: the mammograms, prostate checks, skin cancer tests, diabetes screenings, blood pressure tests.  All of these tests promote early detection, which is NOT prevention!  It is what it is…Early Detection, which in most cases is too late!  Now, thank God we have these tests and thank God we can detect disease early on and take the appropriate action, but this still is not prevention.  It’s already too late!  Prevention occurs during the previous weeks, months, and years of healthy lifestyle choices!  That is true prevention, not early detection!

I might ruffle a few feathers here, but that’s OK.  If I didn’t it, means I’m not challenging your thinking enough!  With that being said, I refuse to give any of my time, energy, or money to any of these fundraisers for research for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or any other ailment.  Before I go on, I truly believe that these groups have nothing the BEST intentions and they do want to help people, but I feel like they are knocking on the wrong doors.  How much money needs to be raised???  Where exactly does this money go???  (Check the statistics…you’d be amazed!  <1% of the BILLIONS of $$$ goes to wellness and true prevention)   How much research needs to be done????  Will they ever find a “cure”???  Is there such thing as a “cure”???  Why do we continue to focus on sickness and disease???

If you wanted a healthy marriage, would you study people who have been divorced 4 times or study people who are still walking hand in hand down the side-walk after 60+ years of marriage? 

Mother Teresa was once asked to participate in a march against war.  She declined, stating, “If there is a march for peace, I will be there!”

The point is, you get what you focus on!  What if we took the billions of dollars and put just a 1/4 of it toward promoting TRUE health and wellness lifestyles that would prevent millions of people from getting sick and save this country boat-loads of cash!

So, in the spirit of Mother Teresa, if there is a walk, run, or fundraiser for “Health & Wellness” (TRUE Health & Wellness) I’ll be the first one in line to donate my time, energy, and money!

Love and Health,

Dr. Chaz


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